Tutor (Remote/Online)

TutorOcean is an online marketplace that helps students to connect with tutors from around the world. We empower people to share their knowledge with those who are keen to learn – wherever they are in the world.

Our company is interested in recruiting students as part-time/freelance online tutors. We believe that tutoring benefits everyone. By tutoring, students can refine their own skills as well as earn some income while still in school.

Once students have successfully registered as tutors on our platform, they enjoy the freedom to determine their own hourly rate and working schedule.

Job description:
TutorOcean is looking to hire casual/freelance tutors.
Majority of tutoring sessions take place online as we are a global company, but in-person sessions are also possible.
Tutors determine their own hourly rate and schedule.
Past tutoring experience is considered an asset.

To be qualified to tutor, you must be able to teach at least one subject (e.g. Math, English, Chemistry, etc).
You must provide an unofficial transcript and/or any other form of proof that you are qualified and able to teach the designated subject(s).
You are currently enrolled at the university/college (full-time or part-time). Sophomore and above levels are preferred. If you are in Freshman year, please indicate in your tutor application why you are qualified to tutor other students (you can also indicate that you are interested in tutoring high school or middle school students if that is the case). Alumni are welcome to join as well.
Must respond to students without a long delay if contacted.
Maintain your tutor profile clear and up-to-date.
Once approved, familiarize yourself with our online classroom. You will need to understand how it works prior to your first session (don’t worry, we provide our tutors with a free, detailed training guide).
Strong verbal and written communication skills in English are required.

How to sign up:
Please sign up as a tutor (without a fee) here: https://www.tutorocean.com/?role=tutor

Requested document:
For current students: a copy of your unofficial transcript is required during your tutor application.

Website: https://www.tutorocean.com