Sales Rep Extraordinaire!

My name is Mardo, & I make high-end visual content (ads & branding videos) for a living. My work is a mix of live action & animation/motion graphics. I also make lots of music videos & branding content. Have a look at my work here:

I usually get my projects through a representative agency, who in turn works with an ad agency that represents a major client like a bank, tele-communications brand, a governmental agency, etc. I’m posting an ad here as my intention is to recruit a representative to approach smaller businesses – who can’t afford a big ad agency – with my creative services.

Specifically, my services are to create high-end visual content (live action/animated ads for social media, branding, instructive videos, photography, etc) to businesses like: gyms/boxing clubs, boutique fashion designers, hair & beauty product/service, a music band, small breweries & restaurants, app developers, car dealers, & anyone who’s after quality social media content to promote offers, build brand awareness, or explain a new product/service.

This is where you fit into the picture! You are a natural communicator who has the drive & confidence to represent our services. You are a go-getter who connects with people & make great first impressions. You will be able to learn & communicate clearly what kind of services we provide to a potential client & how their business can benefit from our working together. You are well-presented & you put people & connection at the top of your priorities.

Your role is to establish the first point of contact with a potential client to pique their interest & raise their awareness of what we can offer. With your travel costs covered, you will be paid on an ‘agent’ commission-basis when a deal is reached for a brief/project. The fees I charge for such projects depend on the scale, type of content, usage, etc & could be anywhere between $3,000 & $20,000.

To apply send your application to