Postgraduate Marketing Student with YogaTribe

YOGATRIBE® is the leading supplier of eco-friendly yoga products and services in NZ, Chile and soon Europe.
We have an opportunity for a postgraduate marketing student looking to complete a marketing assignment/project for their internal course work and needing a conscious, ethical and fun business to work with.

The opportunity is for a bright enthusiastic student who resonates with yoga and well being. I am looking for someone who can develop marketing plans and ideas and implement them working alongside myself (owner and designer).

YogaTribe® has a large digital presence and may suit someone that has an interest in digital marketing.  We can be seen here on;
instagram @yogatribeofficial / NZ
@yogatribechile / CHile
@theelevenhouse/ Europe
The work would be voluntary (hopefully this would align to your course work and would be mutually beneficial) with the possibility of a paid role in the future if there is a good match in technical, practical and interpersonal communication skill.

A little bit about YogaTribe . . .

We have roots in New Zealand, Chile and Spain

YogaTribe is three years old and has quickly established itself in the market full of conscious and conscientious humans.


We are the leading supplier of sustainable and ethical yoga and well-being products and services. YogaTribe® delivers yoga and wellness practice in a truly sustainable way, offering workshops and yoga practice in addition to sustainable yoga products.


We are devoted to well-being, physical, emotional and environmental alignment, YogaTribe® will leave the world a better place through the positive impact on the lives of those it touches and by giving back to the communities it relies upon. The only trace it will leave is LOVE.


We believe we are more than a provider of products and services. We are a Tribe of Love collaborating to expand the principals that unite us. Compassion, understanding, empathy and love will be always the values we surround ourselves with.

If this is of interest it would be great to catch up and discuss how it could work and introduce you to the tribe . . .

Coka Klug
Owner & Director
Yogatribe /Tribe of Love
New Zealand
Ph: +64 21 607 683