Books Recommended by Career Development Services

  • ‘What color is your parachute?’  – Richard Bolles
  • ‘What color is your parachute for teens’ – Richard Bolles and Carol Christen
  • Your 21st Century Career – new paths to personal success – Heather Carpenter
  • The Career Maze – guiding your children towards a successful future – Heather Carpenter
  • ‘Do what you are’  – Paul Tieger
  • ‘The money or your life’ – John Clark
  • ‘Making a living while making a difference’ – Melissa Everett
  • ‘The career guide for creative and unconventional people’ – Carol Eikleberry
  • ‘Write your own CV – a New Zealand guide’ – Paula Stenberg
  • ‘Wishcraft’ – Barbara Sher
  • ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ – Susan Jeffers
  • ‘Just work – the ethical careers guide’ – Gideon Burrows (editor)
  • ‘Getting a job : an A-Z for employers and employees : pre-employment guidelines’  – Human Rights Commission
  • Careers for environmental types and others who respect the earth’ – Jane Kinney & Michael Fasalo