Post an employment opportunity

To advertise an employment vacancy or opportunity for Unitec students and graduates, please read the guidelines of what to include in your post and complete the form below.

Registered Unitec students and graduates receive alerts for new vacancies. These will also be shared to respective Unitec academic pathway e-noticeboards.

Employers can advertise the following types of vacancies.

  • Full time graduate positions – you are ready to take on someone who is qualified and recently graduated from their studies
  • Part time student roles – you have work available that may fit in around a students study timetable
  • Internships  – these are practice based and structured learning opportunities that should have a support component.  They may be credit bearing (i.e. have a direct connection and relevance to the students current studies and may include the completion of a project)  or hour bearing (e.g. cadetship for construction or engineering where students are required to complete a number of hours of work experience in order to complete their degree).
  • Voluntary work – In most situations this will be with a Volunteer or Community organisation.  We do not otherwise expect our students to work for free.

What to include in your post

It is essential to provide detailed relevant information for your job to enable students to make an informed decision if this is a suitable opportunity for them.  Please include:

  • a brief description of the role (e.g full or part time, fixed term contract)
  • skills, knowledge and experience required
  • outline of the expected tasks and duties
  • other relevant information e.g. pay and hours
  • information about who to contact and how to apply (e.g. CV)
  • A closing date for applications

Note: All advertisements are checked by Career Development Services before posting

Please complete the required fields.