CV & Cover Letter Templates

CV Writing

Your CV will help determine whether or not you get an interview.  It is essential to keep the employer in mind when writing your CV.  Think  “what are they looking for in an employee for this position?”  To be effective, your CV must be attractive, and the information must be well organised and very readable.  It must demonstrate to the employer that you are a good match for the job.   It should only be 2-3 pages and to the point.

Everyone can write their own CV with some assistance. Use this information to help:

CV Handout

To get a headstart attend a Career Development Services workshop and/or come to the CV Drop-Ins to get extra help in completing your CV.

Additional CV resources and examples:

Cover Letters

The purpose of the covering letter is to get an interview. It is not to summarise what is in your CV, but to prove that you possess the key criteria which they have asked for in the job advertisement – the relevant skills, qualifications, personal strengths, motivation etc to do the job.  Your cover letter will let the employer know how well you have analysed the job and provides information about you that matches it.

Make this letter appropriate and unique to this job. Do not use the same letter for every job.  Ensure all spelling and punctuation is 100 percent correct.

Cover Letter Handout

CV Drop In Booth

Don’t forget, if you would like your Job Application or CV/Covering Letter reviewed, pop into the CV Drop In Booth on the ground floor in Te Puna, week days 11.00am – 1.00pm.