Adventure Dog Handler

CityPets is growing rapidly and so we’re looking for an exceptional person to join our team of intrepid dog handlers!

Adventure Dog Handling for CityPets requires self motivation, a strong moral compass, intelligent observation of canine social behaviour, kiwi ingenuity, physical and mental fitness, a love of being outdoors and an irreverent sense of humour.
It’s hard work and you’ll spend your time looking like a farmer, so if you love animals but you love them because they remind you of little cute things dressed up in sparkly accessories, then this probably isn’t the job for you.

But if you’re passionate about dogs being allowed to be dogs, and the idea of climbing a mountain with them in pouring rain gets you grinning ear to ear, or being completely alone on an isolated west coast beach, just you and your pack of attentive hounds makes you want to send an email, even though it’s 1am and it’ll look bad on your application, then this probably IS the job for you!

We’re a super tight team and you have to be awesome to get in, but if you do, we’ll show you the ropes and train you up until you know them inside and out.
As well as an aptitude with animals,, handlers need to be digitally competent and be able to comply with stringent risk mitigation strategies and procedures.

More things you need to know:

1. Vehicle: There is higher remuneration to handlers who provide their own vehicle. To be suitable, the vehicle must be a station wagon, van or other fairly sizeable vehicle that you would be happy to carry the dogs in. Reliable “tradie” vehicles are ideal.
2. You’ll need a good camera since you’ll take photos and videos of your Adventures, we’ll train you for this too.
3. Mandatory police check.
4. Clean drivers license essential
5. No weekend work available
6. This role is as a self-employed independent contractor which means people on a student visas are ineligible to apply.
If you think you have what it takes to become a CityPets handler, send your CV and cover letter to: outlining your experiences with animals, including farming, horse riding, hunting, environmental work, zoo work and volunteering at animal shelters. Please include if you come from a military background or are involved in high performance sport.