Our Team

Brigette Shutkowski – Team Leader, Career Development Services

DipOT, Grad Dip Career Development

Kia ora! I am the Team Leader of our Career Development Team. The thing I like most about being part of this innovative team is providing  programmes and services to support students develop essential  career skills and competencies. These will ultimately help students make successful transitions when they graduate.  With many years’ experience as a Career Consultant, I enjoy having that guiding role in helping people find their pathway and making goals a reality.   It is a wonderful thing to see others succeed!

My background as an Occupational Therapist in mental health rehabilitation, has given me a strong foundation in helping people build resilience and other essential employability and life skills.

I believe it is our role to support students to develop the ability to manage their career and challenges that life brings, throughout their whole lifetime.

I am an amateur photographer and am on a constant learning journey as I develop my skills and niche in this space.


Di Bluck – Career Development Consultant   

GradCert in Career Development, BCApSci

I am currently employed as a Career Development Consultant in the Career Centre at Unitec and have been working in the Career industry for over 10 years.  Previous to this, I have worked in a variety of industries including Food Science, Advertising & Marketing and in the Non for Profit sector.

I have a Consumer Food Science Degree, plus a Graduate Certificate in Career Development and have completed MBTI training.  I enjoy MBTI, as it helps people to understand themselves a little better and can assist them to figure out what work environments they may be attracted too.  I particularly enjoy watching clients having ‘A-Ha’ moments as to why they do certain things and why some things come easier to them than others.  I am passionate about helping people to uncover their potential, and encourage them to understand that many things are possible with just a little hard work and determination.



Deb Crossan – Career Development Consultant

B Com, GradDip in Career Development

I have worked in a variety of roles and industries throughout my career and have really enjoyed the different experiences that I’ve had along the way. These experiences have included a number of marketing roles in the telecommunications industry, both here and in the UK, working with young people as a music teacher and working with young athletes and their families as a manager of various sports teams.

As a career consultant I love the opportunity to work with students and graduates as they develop their career goals and strategies and assist them with the various activities needed to help them reach those goals.

I am a mother of 3 and outside of work, I love spending time with my family, listening to and playing music and spending time outdoors.


Elizabeth Morris

Grad Dip Career Development, BA, CELTA.

On completing my BA, like many people I was unsure of what next. Unbeknown to myself at the time, I would spend a number of years practicing all the employability skills that I now impart to students and members of the public.

As I enjoy languages I decided to become an ESOL teacher working both in NZ and overseas.  Then having spent a considerable time working on my own career development journey I decided to become a Career Consultant.   I completed the Graduate Diploma in Career Development and spent 4 years assisting people back into work after injury.  A highly challenging and rewarding role.

I enjoy working with people to help them unpack and find solutions to their career questions and it is really exciting when they have those light bulb moments.  I am fascinated by the Future of Work and the role technology is playing in all our lives.